GeoSnippits Reboot Pre-Show Patron Podcast for Episode 192






Hello and welcome to our GeoSnippits Reboot Pre-Show Patron Podcast. Our Pre-Show is now being provided exclusively for our Patrons.

We provide this extra content as a way of saying thank you to all the Patrons who help support our show.

To become a Patron and receive these mini-podcasts plus access to other Patron related Contests – all you have to do is go to and make a total donation of $12 or more. This can be done in increments as low as $1 a week or a lump contribution.

You will then receive an email each week giving you the URL to each week’s mini podcast. That’s all there is to it.

You can get all the details and more by going to our website and again we say thank you for become our Patron for our show.

And now we are pleased to provide this weeks GeoSnippits Reboot Pre-Show Patron Podcast.


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