Checking Out – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 125

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The GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights – A tutorial podcast about geocaching.

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Checking Out – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 125

Streamed live on Aug 20, 2015

In tonight’s episode of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Wife Amy the HeadHardHatress discuss an amazing website in which you can obtain all sorts of statistics and information about geocaching.  Plus we are giving away a fantastict Optical Illusion Geocoin from LIVE for one lucky member of our viewing audience. All this and more tonight!

Meet up at or go to and click the GSREBOOT PODCAST option in the menu to see the LIVE viewing area to watch as we record the show and also join in our world wide chat room with geocachers from around the planet.

Pre-Show starts about 8:00PM ET with the actual podcast starting at 8:30PM ET. Come join in the fun!
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Question For Episode 124:

Prize 1 – 124: – Conquer the Minotaur Geocoin (red and copper)

Question 1 – 124: What year was selective availability turned off making GPS satellites usable for the general public?

Answer 1 – 124: May 2000

Congratulations To: Keith Thue (2eTango)


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The GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast is a tutorial show designed to educate and entertain geocachers of all experience levels. Each Thursday at 8:30PM ET, Co-host Wife Amy the HeadHardHatress and GeoSnippits founder Andy HeadHardHat Smith discuss interesting aspects of Geocaching in an easy to understand tutorial manner. Giving advice and insights to our game,sport and obsession in ways only they can provide.

GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial videos have over 500,000 views from around the world and have been teaching geocachers since 2008. You can see our live show and dozens of our free archived videos at

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