Conducting A Geocaching Class – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 120

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Conducting A Geocaching Class – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 120

Streamed live on Jul 16, 2015

In tonight’s episode of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Wife Amy the HeadHardHatress discuss a great way of mentoring fellow geocaches by giving geocaching classes. We give suggestions from our viewers on different topics and some basics you might want to consider.

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Create a class outline of what you want to teach
Where are you going to teach your class?
At Home
Media (hangouts / teleconference / etc.)
Out in the wild

By Class

How many are you able to teach at one time?

How many hours / days / weeks?

Once you get all of that figured out – now what?

What are you going to teach them?
Geocaching 101 – Basics
Geocaching 102 – Boy Scout Merit Badge
Geocaching 103 – Urban Geocaching
Geocaching 104 – Geocaching in the Wild (woods/swamps/etc.)

Geocaching 201 – Intermediate
Geocaching 202 – Orientering
Geocaching 203 – Bicycling Geocaching

Geocaching 301 – Advanced / Extreme Geocaching
Geocaching 302 – Kayaking Geocaching
Geocaching 303 – Deep Woods Geocaching

Viewer suggestions:
Danno TeamPugatch
A class on environmental science taught by local rangers. We need to understand the impact geocaching has on plants, animals, and water whether it’s from trash, bushwhacking, or the materials we use to make caches and they decompose over time. That way we can hide caches that don’t negatively impact an area. And avoid hurting an area when we go looking for them. 

Austin Auclair (PatientRock)
A class on hiking first aid. I try to refresh my memory on best practices for injuries big and small every once in a while.

Collin French
Two classes I can think of:
1. Nanos are bad.
2. The importance of writing a good caching log.

Art Pennington
How to properly place a cache

Elizabeth N Bill
Logging etiquette!!!!

Danielle Kratz
Using your GPS – waypoint projections

Eric Lofgren
The one I would like to take is advanced GSAK. I have the basic down and can manipulate data well but know nothing of macro writing.

Anthony Stealth
Basic caching etiquette:
1. The importance of replacing a cache like you found it.
2. Logging etiquette.
3. Handling and logging Trackables/Geocoins found in caches.

How to teach them
Visually – Visual Examples
With handouts – Printed out examples
Taking them on geocaching hunts (staged or real)
Re-viewable media – Videos

Number One Rule:
Tell Them What You Are About To Teach
Teach Them
Tell Them What You Just Taught

Spread the word about your classes.
Have student’s endorse your class written and verbally
Advertise on the Interwebs
Sponsor your classes on podcasts


HHH’s Geocaching Quiz #4
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Awesome reviews and you want more so Quiz #5 will be in the next few months.

Prize: – 15 Year Geocaching Geocoin
And the winner is by random drawing ….
Congratulations to: Linsey Penland aka Professor Crafty

Question For Episode 119:
Prize 1 – 119: GxProxy Grab Bag consisting of: a Signal Pendant, Carabiner, whistle and GxProxy Pathtag Pendant with WWFM 12 pathtag
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