Full Membership Overview With Project-GC – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 192

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Full Membership Overview With Project-GC – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 192

In tonight’s episode of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Wife Amy the HeadHardHatress discuss some of the features you can enjoy if you become a member of Project-GC. If you love stats, trends and other data related queries this episode will be for you.

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Full Membership Overview With Project-GC – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 192


Non-Members Receive a lot of features
Members Receive the keys to the Candy Store…
Membership is:

1 year
23.00 USD
2 years
43.00 USD
3 years
60.00 USD

Features that are for members only this far are: Near 40 Features Added
Multi Map Compare – Compare finds on a map between more than two geocachers.
Stat Compare – Compare basic statistics with other geocachers. You can compare with many profiles at once.
Custom Filters – Build advanced filters and save them for later use. Not 100% done yet.
Map Regions – A map-tool to help you find caches in new regions.
Map Counties – A map-tool to help you find caches in new counties.
Profile Stats – Settings – Enable/Disable modules manually.
Route Builder – Build routes for use in filters.
Virtual GPS – Add caches to your Virtual GPS and build GPX’s. Think about it as a shopping cart for caches.
Building GPX files also requires a premium membership with Geocaching.com.
Profile Stats – Daily refresh – The Profile stats are generated weekly for non paying members. With an upgraded account they will be updated daily.
Profile Stats – Custom cache lists – Create custom cache lists, either for finds or hides in your Profile Stats.
Solved Mysteries – Plot a map with all the caches you have saved final coordinates for on Geocaching.com.
Requires that you have the coordinates in the Personal cache note field at Geocaching.com.
My Finds GPX – Automatically generated My Finds GPX files that you can download.
Premium membership with Geocaching.com required as well.
Event Notifiers – Advanced notifiers for events, where you can filter on number of Will attend, location data and distance.
Edited logs Notifiers – Receive a daily email with all the logs on geocaches that you own that Project-GC has detected as edited.
FP Notifiers – Receive a daily email telling you who has added or removed favorite points from your geocaches.
Log images Notifiers – Receive a daily email when Project-GC has detected that new images has been uploaded to geocaches that you own.
Besides that you actually will see the photos, it’s also a great way to avoid spoilers of your hides. Additionally Project-GC will inform you if the images are geo tagged by showing the coordinates inside the image, together with the distance to the hide itself.
Friends – Add friends to easier see them in top lists or to check out what they have logged recently.
The later part is under development and still not available.
Top Found Percent – Who has found the highest percent geocaches in a certain area?
Challenge checker map – Access to a map that shows the challenge caches in the world, and also shows which of them has checkers at Project-GC.
Discover trackables – Prioritized in the job queue for batch discovering trackables.
Live map – More live filters available.
Dashboard – Advanced search – Make advanced searches based on our fulltext indexing, including searching geocache logs.
Corrected coordinates – Toggle between plotted and corrected coordinates on the maps.
Requires that you have the coordinates in the Personal cache note field at Geocaching.com.
Auto-challenge-checkers – Challenge checkers are automatically processed in the background to see which challenges you fulfill.
You will then see your checker results on any map that shows a challenge cache.
If a challenge cache uses our advanced checker-image in its cache description you will also be able to see your checker result without even visiting Project-GC.
Run more challenge checkers – Non paying users are only allowed to run 10 challenge checkers per day. As a paying member there is no limit.
Additional filters – There are a few filters only available to paying members, for example the loop filter and the cache name filter.
Multi country/region/county-select in filters – Select any amount of countries/regions/counties at once in the filter system.
Quick search – Quick search function in the menu bar, to faster find the right page.
Less filter requirements – Most top lists have filter requirements due to performance reasons. Most of these has been removed for subscribers.
No ads – An ad-free site. Specially great for those with very small monitors (low resolution) where the right ad unit might be in the way sometimes.

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AMY – Question For Episode 191:

Prize 1 – 191: cache advance mug

Congratulations: Sally Watts


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