Geocaching Tools of the Trade (TOTT) – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 109

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Geocaching Tools of the Trade (TOTT) – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 109

Streamed live on Apr 16, 2015

In tonight’s episode of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Wife Amy the HeadHardHatress who happens to be reporting in via remote location discuss Geocaching TOTTs or Tools of the Trade. What do you need in your geocaching pack to get that elusive smiley?

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High power flashlight. The cheap low power ones’ just don’t cut it.

Extra socks

Diapers – if caching with a toddler/infant 🙂

Pens – lots of em. A sharpie also helps for those hard to sign logs.

A towel. Always know where your towel is to be a real hoopy frood.

Carabiner… handy for tying up the geo-dog when you are in an area where she has to be on the leash, but you need to drop the leash to do a hunt. 

Bug spray designed for tick repulsion! very important :)

Some sort of snack – jerky or granola bars – never know when you get hungry on the trails, and that stuff keeps for a while so I can store it longer term without issue.

Rope… bring rope, always helps


Hiking stick has been employed as a long distance pokey device.

Pliers on my leatherman has been used many many (many!) times as tweezers or just a fing-longer.

A boat a couple times 🙂

Water. For those pesky “fill this tube with water” caches.

Log Roller – for those nasty nano logs.

A fork or ice pick – is useful when a cache is in a recess as there is NO WAY I am going to stick my hand in a hole here in TEXAS.

Letherman – A multitool chock full of handy options that fit quite nicely in any geocachers pocket or pouch.

Tweezers –

A space pen –

Battery Case -

A Utility Mirror –

Head Lamp Light-

30″ telescoping magnet

2″ ‘snake’ mirror (so-named for more’n 1 reason!!)

Pickle/Olive Grabber.

Golf Ball Retriever–Reach/dp/B002VX30X8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1350997567&sr=8-3&keywords=i+gotcha+golf+ball+retriever

Rope Ladder

Ball of string and a few paperclips.

Swiss Army knife with tweezers and toothpick.

Backup GPS unit.

Duck Tape.

Sample subpoenas. They give me a reason for skulking around places that are not ordinarily skulked around. I can explain that I am looking for so-and-so. After that, people generally leave me alone … and when they don’t I ask their name as I look through my stack of subpoenas.

Bandanas. One for use as a cover-up to hide the GPSr or cache container from muggle eyes, makeshift water bottle carrier, cache location/trail marker, container and swag dryer, dirt remover, and many, many other uses one doesn’t know until you need it. The second, hopefully clean, to stem the flow of blood. Stuff happens.

Extension pole grabbers you use to hang Christmas lights

6 foot length of string with neodymium magnet on end for those rare occasions where a magnetic cache has fallen to earth and is not retrievable bare handed.

CellSensor EMF Detection Meter – made to detect cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields but can be used to locate those tiny little magnetic nanos.

A roll of wrapping or packing tape The tape works great for grabbing the ticks off my clothes, and I can count how many I nabbed at the end of the hike.

A pair of buckskin gloves.

A clipboard to “look official” so as to ward off muggle attention. That sounded good but I use something a little smaller and more convenient. It’s a small spiral bound pocket notebook. You can flip it open and lay the GPS over or under it if need be. It cammos the GPS hand well.

Package of diaper wipes. It’s great when you get plant sap on your hands and other things

An orange vest and a hard hat just in case I need to look even more ‘official’ than just the clipboard.

Mechanix brand gloves when reaching into nooks and crannies, and when climbing (coral outcroppings are sharp).

Ziplock bags, and used plastic grocery bags for trash and such.

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