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Geocaching Memes – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 190

In tonight’s episode of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Geocaching Insights hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Wife Amy the HeadHardHatress discuss the priciples and ideals of Leave No Trace. An organization to give understanding of outdoor ethics.

Meet up at http://geosnippits.com/gsreboot-podcast/ or go to geosnippits.com and click the GSREBOOT PODCAST option in the menu to see the LIVE viewing area to watch as we record the show and also join in our world wide chat room with geocachers from around the planet.

Pre-Show starts about 8:00PM ET with the actual podcast starting at 8:30PM ET. Come join in the fun! Please share this with others.

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Leave No Trace – GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 190
The Center for Outdoor Ethics

The Leave No Trace Seven Principles for Geocaching

Wolfgang Von Pitterpat Travel Bug
October, 2009



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6 steps to organize a Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) event

6 steps to organize a Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) event

In 2017, geocachers around the globe will gather together during the weeks of April 22-30 and September 23– October 1 to pick up trash, remove invasive species, repair trails and more—plus earn a pretty sweet new souvenir. If you’ve never hosted a CITO before and you don’t know where to begin, read on! We will have a link to these steps in our show notes.


AMY – Question For Episode 189:

Prize 1 – 189: Cache Advance: All-Weather Pen, Mermaid Trackable

Congratulations: Dasmonda Allen (SouthernGrits)


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